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explore this fascinating region and discover why it is quickly becoming one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world. for the discerning traveller Dubai is an oasis in the desert - fine dining, luxurious accommodation, indulgent shopping, relaxing spa’s and much, much more. immerse yourself in a whole new world of sophistication and luxury, discover Dubai.  

as former residents of Dubai, Andrew and Angela Geils offer clients a unique and personal insight into this fascinating city and the possibilities it has to offer. business and leisure travellers can access our exclusive Dubai consultancy service, providing an insiders knowledge of the city and the potential it holds for the discerning traveller.

with the introduction of our exclusive “Indulgent Dubai’ tours, clients will be able to experience first hand the delights this vibrant and exciting city has to offer. our luxurious tours are designed specifically for the discerning traveller who likes to shop, relax and be indulged. 

for further information on our exclusive “Indulgent Dubai” tours please contact Angela Geils, Inflight Travel of Toorak
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